“Drawn Together Again”, Flag Art Foundation, New York, NY
Feb 23- May 18, 2019



“Metamemesis” screening in 8 different countries for Trivu’s International Water Project on March 22, 2018, International Water Day
read about “Metamemesis”: Metamemesis



Thomas Curates 2-person show at Studio 101, John Paul Rosenberg + Dameon Lester in exhibition titled Space + Displace.
Nov. 18 , 2017
Read about Space + Displace:  SPACE and DISPLACE


Features artist for Pop Austin’s International Art Fair
Nov. 9 , 2017
Read about the event in the Austin Chronicle: www.austinchronicle.com/calendar/visual-arts/pop-austin-international-art-show-2020749/
Featured Artist by PopAustin: popaustin.com/2017/11/03/featured-artist-terri-thomas/
Read about the event by Culture Map: austin.culturemap.com/news/arts/10-25-17-pop-austin-returns-and-gives-locals-a-chance-to-collect-international-art/


Collaboration between artist Terri Thomas + film maker, Scott Stark titled Bravadoa
Solo Exhibition
Oct 27, 2017
Read about Bravadoa, expanded cinema project: Bravadoa


“The Return: Seed of Life” – painting, sculpture installation for The Museum of Human Achievement fundraiser.

Group Show
Oct 26, 2017


Group Show
“Good Mourning Tis of Thee”  at Demo Gallery
Oct 13, 2017
First Image:  “She” fetal skull made of cremation ash and bone
Second Image: “Shell (self-portrait) Life/death mask made of plaster, skin, eyelashes


“John Paul Rosenberg – There isn’t any is”
Solo Exhibition
May 13, 2017
Read the John Paul Rosenberg press release: John Paul Rosenberg_ press release
Read the Essay for JPR’s catalog: Rosenberg Essay


“Complexities of Neutrality” for Co Lab Projects booth for Art City Austin, TX.
Solo Exhibition
March 31, 2017
Read about the event by HiConcept Magazine: hiconceptmag.com/austinart-cityart/


Painting and 
Sculpture for Pop Austin’s SXSW Art Hang
March 16, 2017
Read about the event by Austin Way Magazine: austinway.com/POP-Austins-SXSW-Art-Hang


Painting and Sculpture for Pop Austin’s SXSW Art Hang
November 11, 2016
See published images by Rich Meritt for the Austin Art Alliance



The Shane & Sia Room” Installation for Art Alliance’s Inaugural Artbash 2015
Solo Exhibition
December 8, 2015
read the review by Rad Austin Magazine


“Dream Scape Lounge” Installation for the Art Alliance’s Inaugural Artbash 2015
Solo Exhibition
read the review by Rad Austin Magazine of Art Alliance’s Inaugural “Artbash”



Dirty Show starring John Waters in Detroit
read the review: Detroit Metro Times, “Terri Thomas makes her hometown Detroit Debut”

“Ombré Vanity Dining Room” Installation at the Museum of Human Achievement


“Claim Your Birthright”, Big Medium Gallery, Austin, TX
Solo Exhibition

“Claim Your Birthright” – A closing performance at Big Medium Gallery by artist, Terri Thomas from Terri Thomas on Vimeo.


“Claim your Birthright”, A closing performance, 2014, Big Medium Gallery, Austin, TX
Solo Exhibition
Spring, 2014


“Pillow Book as Inheritance”, Big Medium Gallery, Austin, TX
Solo Exhibition
Spring, 2014


“Fixation” at the Zhou B Arts Center in Chicago


“Art Squared”, Flag Art Foundation, New York, NY
Sept 23- Dec 17, 2011


“Hedone”, Lyons Wier Gallery, New York, NY
Solo Exhibition
Feb 12 – Mar 12, 2010


“Reflected Gaze”, Torrance Art Museum, Los Angeles, CA
Jan 16 – Feb 20, 2010


“Fete Bucolique”, New Gallery, Houston, Texas
Solo Exhibition
May 2 – May 30, 2009


“Identity Complex” at the Metrohouse, Austin, Texas
Solo Exhibition
July 15, 2008


“U-Genics”, Volitant Gallery, Austin, Texas
Solo Exhibition
Sept 30 – Nov 12, 2006


“Academy 2004”, Conner Contemporary Art Gallery, Washington, DC
Aug 6 – 28, 2004

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