May 7, 2014

“Let’s Talk About Sex” – Review of “Pillow Book as Inheritance”at Big Medium Gallery by Art & Arnold

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“From the outset, I was not quite sure how to engage this show. A combination of found glass objects, paintings, sequin suit wearing cats on the prowl, and the bust of a large peacock greet the viewer in a glittering menagerie with overt symbols of feminine sexuality. Beyond the painted imagery of partially erotic female nudes, and an open labia, dildos are hiding the crystal sandbox, and some of the glass objects are clearly intimating more than just an aesthetically pleasing thing to look at. But this is not another one of those post-feminist shows that overtly praise the vagina and castrate the penis. Instead, the artist claims that the work meditates from a personal vantage on concerns of duality, subject-hood and object-hood, coupled with societal ambivalences and contradictions regarding feminine sexuality….” – Art & Arnold


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