November 9, 2006

Review of “U-Genics” exhibit at Volitant Gallery

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Solo Exhibition

read the review by MrMichaelMe
“She seems to have chosen the varied media to fit a different goal in each series. Be it the digital manipulations that transformed the artist’s face into Barbie, Gwen Stefani or Angelina Jolie a la airbrushed magazine covers, or the deteriorating feel of the work in the smaller space in which Thomas used ground up water-based medium on oil. The perfect compliment to the later was the mini video piece which was a close up of maggots. Within the context of the whole show it was maybe the most beautiful if not disgusting piece in Volitant. I was quite fond of the untitled found object installation of refurbished chairs and photos of said chairs. Thomas refers to the them in this show’s literature as being “objects with an erased history” tying it into the show’s theme….” -Michael Anthony Garcia


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November 7, 2006

“U-Genics” exhibition at Volitant Gallery

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Solo Exhibition

read the review by Yazmine Fazelina and Bijal Mehta
“Survival of the Prettiest” opened the gallery very well. It was easy to see what direction she was going with the “barbie-esque” images… but further into the gallery her works became more abstract, giving me as the viewer a lot of room for interpretation. In the end I was very amazed not just at the works but how thematically everything fit together. The gallery provoked not just thought but also self-reflection, which I really enjoyed….”


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