October 26, 2017

Installation “The Return: Seed of Life” for “Caskets: the space between” exhibit or the Museum of Human Achievement

 “The Return: Seed of Life” – painting, sculpture installation. For a Museum of Human Achievement fundraiser, 6 artists were given a 77”L x 24”W x 13.5”H green / bio-degradable casket from the organization, Distinctive Life, to be finished in any fashion and donated back to promote ‘green burials.’ Thomas created two 10 x 12 ft. acrylic, moss and diamond dust paintings for the floor and backdrop of the casket. The two inverse paintings depict perfect geometry of two overlapping circles that symbolize the ‘seed of life.’ The inner and outer casket complete with pillow are covered in the same live moss and diamond dust, with seeds of the same flowers in the displayed white-flowered casket spray, generously dispersed into the mossy bed. The rest of the exhibition floor was lined with a green grass turf. 

Image 01 Image 03