June 5, 2014

“Pillow” Talk – Terri Thomas on what’s behind the sex in her Big Medium art show” – The Austin Chronicle

read the interview with the Austin Chronicle and the Arts Daily

“While the work in this current series may be laden with less important autobiographical narratives, my use of my own image is purely reference material. It is not meant to communicate my personal identity or be about me. In my art talk, I mentioned that my recent work heavily relies on strategies, such as artifice, digital inversion, the mask, masquerade (painting in wigs, props, childlike sexual codes of dress, tapestries, that signify “this is a stage”) or a hybridization (combining a likeness of my face with appropriated images of porn or consumer imagery), etc. This pretense or concealment is intended to convey that these representations are not about personal identity or my being at the center of attention, but rather the performance of identity, gender, or pleasure, etc. in order to make commentary, inquiry, or act as a mirror within this loaded representational structure….” -the artist


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