June 6, 2014

Austin Chronicle Studio Visit with artist, Terri Thomas

read the interview with the Austin Chronicle’s Andy Campbell

“Collaboration is a gift for this provocative artist. In “The Gift: Imagination and the Erotic Life of Property” Lewis Hyde ruminates on his local drugstore’s ever-rotating display of dime-a-dozen romance novels, asking: “Why do we suspect that Silhouette Romances will not be enduring works of art?” He answers that romance novels are bought and sold in the market economy, and art, in contrast, belongs to the gift economy. If this seems Pollyanna-ish (because, aren’t works of art bought and sold all the time? Sure.), Hyde’s thesis is evident in the art of Terri Thomas. For her current Canopy exhibition, Thomas riffs off the form of the pillow book – originally an 11th century Japanese literary conceit – drawing out its pornotopic dimensions. Titled “Pillow Book as Inheritance,” the installation is a culmination of years of work, which will, upon closing, become part of Hyde’s preferred economic system. We talked in Thomas’ studio, a few doors down from the Canopy gallery….” – interview with Andy Campbell


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