December 8, 2015

“The Shane & Sia Room” Installation for the Art Alliance’s Inaugural Artbash 2015

Solo Exhibition

read the review by Rad Austin Magazine
“As the fantasy continued throughout the venue, viewers were taken from surrealism to a more erotic state with Terri Thomas’ work. Front and center featured a embossed panther titled, Ebony (Big Black Powerful Pussy) with over 54, 720 Swarovski crystal covering the creature. The erotic theme hit a climax with one of the most talked about installations, The Shane & Sia Room. Decked out with an old, hand-me-down recliner, sexy calendar, a dirty ashtray and boobie lamp the additional props, such as an open jar of Vaseline and tissue referred to Thomas’ investigation into beauty, femininity, sexuality, and mortality. Building upon clever references to art, Thomas draws upon her extensive experience in the fashion industry as point of departure and questions the commodification of desire and industry set standards of beauty.” – Rad Austin Magazine

Shane & Sia Room

Shane & Sia Room, Photo taken by Rad MagazineShane & Sia Room photo taken by Rad Magazine
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