May 3, 2009

Review of “Fete Bucolique” at New Gallery in Houston, Texas by Debra Broz

Solo Exhibition

read the review with Cantanker Magazine’s Debra Broz

“…There are beliefs around what feminism is that I would claim as my own, some I would reject. How absurd today, to think that women would have to definitively choose to want cock or no cock, penetration or no penetration, to be a good girl or bad, dominant or passive, empowered or a victim. And surprisingly, there are feminists out there who adhere to the idea that some of these scenarios are an “either/or” situation. I think women today should have the freedom, inventiveness and sense of play to momentarily move in and out of these, or any desires. And fortunately, we today live in a culture where that is more possible. There is no denying the strength, power and effectiveness that the feminists of the 70’s demonstrated, as they forged the way for future generations. Their poignant (if not always great) art have brought us one step closer to understanding classlessness, unprejudiced, open mindedness and social equality. If those are the goals of an evolved contemporary Feminism, it is politics I share and claim as my own.” – the artist


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